Adam Fristoe, Voice and Speech Coach

Adam Fristoe, Voice and Speech Coach

Does your voice sound high, tight or tense when under pressure? Do you lose your voice frequently? Is your accent limiting your work? Can your voice survive screaming on take 9, still ready to record your audiobook the next day? Learn to fully access your voice, release your breath and free your impulses so they are available for anything that comes your way. 

An actor's voice must be able to respond imaginatively to given circumstance, scene partners and situations as well as communicate to an audience through any media or space. A nimble, free voice enables the actor to turn on a dime when thought and imagination shift, or to sustain long, complex thoughts and express emotion. An expressive voice is imperative for any serious actor. Although Voice and Speech work is partly about technique, ultimately it is about developing imagination, skill and vulnerability.



I will be offering 6 - 8 week classes at Drama, Inc in Atlanta, GA.  These classes will focus on developing a nimble, flexible voice and accent modification to help you tell better stories, play more characters and book more roles.

private & On-set

Sometimes private coaching is a better choice to address specific goals, accent modification or preparation.  I am available for private sessions in my Atlanta studio or via Skype. We will develop a personal plan to help you achieve your goals.


In leadership and sales, keynotes and team presentations, your voice is key to effective storytelling, trust, confidence and grabbing your listeners attention.  I am available for private and group sessions to help you and your team reach your goals and improve your impact.

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In group classes or private study, I will help you ...

   Discover Vocal Freedom and Power: Strengthen your voice, increase resonance and specificity, and reduce vocal fatigue.  Develop a powerful voice that carries your thoughts and feelings. Free a tight, or monotone voice.

  Take control of your accent:  Learn how you create sounds, habitual speech patterns and develop your hear to accurately hear yourself and others.  Not only can you "reduce your accent," you can open up your instrument to be able to play any character from anywhere.  Modify your accent and get prepared to take on other accents and dialects. 

    Be Yourself – Find your Voice : Be more yourself in the casting room and on set. Access your voice even when you are nervous, emotional or under pressure. Develop a strong personal process of voice preparation, maintenance and use in performance.

   Develop Presence and Clarity: Expand your presence.  Speak clearly and confidently.  Be heard.

   Integrate Body and Breath: Speaking is a physical activity.  When free and connected to breath, the actor’s impulses and emotions leap out and grab the audience.

   Speak Safely for a Long Career:  Take 10 screaming your head off running from zombies?  More scenes to shoot that day, tomorrow, during your whole career?  Learn to protect your instrument while expressing yourself fully.

Upcoming Workshops and Availability


I have several workshops coming up this spring at Drama, Inc in Atlanta. The dates aren't set yet, Let me know that you are interested and I will make sure you get an update as soon as possible.

Private Coaching availability

Studio private sessions are available on Thursdays and Fridays between 10am - 4pm. Other times may be available. Contact me to get started.


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