Overcoming Stage Fright

Yeah.  Fear is a beast.  After more than 20 years as a performer, I still get nervous when the camera starts rolling or just before entering the stage.  i mean, it's normal right?  I'm about to reveal my true self to a lot of people who will probably be judging me.  

This is where voice training can really help.  From simple things like focusing on your breath, making sure you are standing on both feet and taking your time, you can bring your heart rate down and connect with the people in the room.

We work on a lot of relaxation techniques is voice work - connecting to the breath, releasing tension in the muscles to allow more resonance and a fuller, richer, more expressive voice. Practicing release gives us much better chance of being able to achieve let go of stress under the pressure of performing.

There are several myths about overcoming stage fright.  Picture people in their underwear - heard that before?  What nonsense.  How can thinking ridiculous thoughts and creating embarrassing images in your mind help you connect?  Finding a way to be fully present with the people in the room and the task at hand is a much more effective way to tackle the problem.

Focus on one thing at a time.  Make sure you breath after every complete thought.  Get out of your head.  Take in the whole room.  Breath - I've said that before, right? And, most importantly, find a way to have fun by connecting to your audience, text and situation. What you have to say is important and the people listening want to hear it.  

More soon.